ScanImage 2019 : Upgrade ScanImage 3.8 to ScanImage 5.2

Is ScanImage 5.2 free?

Can PCI-6110 and PCIe-6321 be reused for SI5.2?

Can the photodiode, PCIe-6321, still be used (PCIe-6321 has only 2 AO channels)?


Yes, ScanImage 5.2 is free.

  • We have two versions of ScanImage: SI5.2 (free) and SI2017 (premium features, requires a license)
  • Please visit our product overview page to learn more about the differences between the different versions.

Yes, PCI-6110 and PCIe-6321 can be reused for ScanImage 5.2.

  • In SI 5.1 PCI-6110 will acquire the PMT channels and control the galvos, the PCIe-6321 will handle the timing signals (trigger, clocks) and control the Pockels cell.
  • Please review the SI3.x to SI5.x upgrade guide. You will need to get a NI RTSI cable to synchronize the two boards with each other.
  • If you need to order a NI RTSI cable, please make sure to get the 'Extended length RTSI bus cable' or otherwise the cable won't be long enough to connect the long PCI-6110 and the shorter PCIe-6321 boards.
  • NI Product number 777562-05

Yes, the photodiode, PCIe-6321, can still be used.

  • The photodiode will be connected to an AI of the PCIe-6321


Useful ScanImage Links:

  1. Supported Microscope Hardware: See note in the center of the page:
    *Users upgrading from ScanImage 3.8 can reuse their existing PCI-6110/6132/6133 digitizers, but will need to purchase at least one additional X-series board (e.g. PCIe-6321).