This feature is only available in LinScan (Galvo Galvo scanning).


Because of the limited velocity of galvanometric mirrors, high resolution LinScan frames refresh at relatively slow rates (0.5-2Hz). To provide faster visual feedback of the specimen, ScanImage's LinScan module  allows to subdivide a frame into multiple stripes. As soon as the scan of a stripe is finished, it is displayed in the Channel Display windows. The striping display feature is activated by default, but the ScanImage's standard settings can be changed in the Machine Data File:

%% LinScan
% add the following lines to the LinScan section to overwrite ScanImage's defaults
stripingEnable = true; % enables/disables striping display
stripingMaxRate = 5;  % [Hz] determines the maximum display update rate for striping

Striping display is unavailable if Multiple Region of Interest (MROI) mode is enabled.



Striping Display in Channel Display
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