ScanImage 2019 : Motor Controls


The MOTOR CONTROLS window allows to position the sample using motorized stages.

Coordinate System Selector

Selects the coordinate system for the XYZ position. Options:

Sample: Default See Motor Coordinate System for more information.
Stage: Stage coordinates. Might be inverted relative to sample coordinates
Raw Motor: raw motor axis coordinates as returned from the motor controller

X, Y, Z Position Indicators

Shows the current position of XYZ axes.
If an axes is simulated, the background will be gray
If an axes is in an error mode, the background will be red

Query Position

Queries the position of the motor controllers.

Zero, Zero All, Clear ZeroEstablish relative origin for selected axes.

Move sample focus in arrow direction by defined step size.
Keyboard shortcuts: arrow keys, PgUp, PgDn
Note: holding the Ctrl key while stepping reduces the step size by a factor of 10

Reinit MotorsReestablish the connection to all motor controllers.
AlignOpen motor alignment controls Motor Alignment Window
TiltSpecify tip/tilt of objective optical axis relative to the motor axes
FastZ Goto ZeroMove the FastZ positioner to its zero position
FastZ TargetSets the FastZ target position
FastZ FeedbackShows the value of the FastZ position sensor
FastZ CalibrateCalibrate the FastZ position sensor
FastZ Arrows

Move the FastZ actuator by defined step size.

1) Drag focus using mouse (red star in axes on left side of window)
2) Hover mouse over axes on left side of window and use scroll wheel
Note: holding the Ctrl key while stepping reduces the step size by a factor of 10

FastZ AlignAlign the FastZ coordinate system to the sample coordinates.
Motor Controls Window
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Power Controls page refers to this page to show a user how to determine Lz for the default exponential function that determines beam power as a function of depth into specimen. An explanation should be made on this page. 

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