ScanImage 2018 : Output Files


List of Files

Additional Photostimulation Documentation

If the option is enabled to log information in the photostimulation controls window, a .stim file will be created. The photostimulation log file (.stim) contains a sequence of numbers that is parsed into Nx3 array with three variables, the X coordinate, the Y coordinate, and the beam power. The file can be read using the functionscanimage.util.readPhotostimMonitorFile(filename).


    % x,y are in reference coordinate space, beam power is in [V], native readout of photo diode
    out.X = phtstimdata(:,1);
    out.Y = phtstimdata(:,2);
    out.Beam = phtstimdata(:,3);

Additional Motion Correction Documentation

If data logging and motion correction are both enabled, a motion correction output file will be generated with a [File name stem] + "_Motion_" + [File counter] filename.

This file will contain the following attributes: timestamp, frameNumber, success, quality, xyMotion, roiUuid, motionMatrix, z, and channel.