ScanImage 2019 : Triggering Stimulus Patterns


Once stimulus patterns have been defined, the ScanImage Photostimulation module provides two modes of operation for commanding the stimuli.

  • Sequence Mode: Output of stimulus patterns in a prescribed order. This is the best option if you know before hand the order that you want to output stimulus groups and you desire a high level of timing precision for the triggering of stimulus output
  • On-Demand Mode: Random access output of any stimulus pattern at any time. This option is best for experiments that need the flexibility to select which stimulus to output during the experiment in response to experimental conditions

Trigger Outputs:

I/O PortSignal
port0/line0Photostimulation active (goes high 1ms before the Pockels cell opens, stays high until stimulus group is completed.)
port0/line1Laser active signal (Pockels cell is open)


concept.png (image/png)