ScanImage 2019 : Shutter Configuration Settings

Shutter Configuration Settings Panel

Shutter Daq Devices and Channels Settings

Shutter NameEnter a name for the Shutter.
Daq Name

Select the DAQ or RIO device for the Shutter.

ScanImage determines the DAQ devices configured on the system on which ScanImage is running.

Channel IDSelect the channel corresponding to the selected Daq Name for the Shutter.
Shutter Open Digital LevelSelect either High or Low to indicate the TTL level corresponding to the open state for the Shutter line.
Delete RowTo delete a row, press the "X" on the row you want deleted.


  • One default Shutter Name row is provided for a new ScanImage Machine Data File (MDF).
  • The default entry is given the name "Main Shutter", using the PXI1Slot3, on the PFI12 Channel with a "High" digital level.
    • This row can be deleted.
    • All columns can be edited.

Bottom Panel Display Settings

Shutter Transition Time (seconds)Enter the time, in seconds, to delay following certain shutter open commands (e.g. between stack slices), allowing shutter to fully open before proceeding.

A default value of 0.1 is provided.