ScanImage 2018 : Waveform Controls




Review the page Command Waveform Optimization for more information.

Waveform Controls

Update Waveforms

Generate the scanner command waveforms for the current scan settings.


Always update the command waveforms before an optimization run.

Scanner Name

Short name of the active scanners

Short nameScannerOptimizable
RResonant scanner 
GGalvo scanner(s)(tick)
ZFastZ scanner(tick)


BpbBeams with power box 
OptimizedIndicates if ScanImage is using an optimized scanner control waveform for the current waveform output.
PlotPlot the current command waveform for the selected scanner.
OptimizeOptimize the command waveform for the selected scanner (only visible if available).
ResetReset the optimized scanner control waveform.
CalibrateCalibrate the position sensor feedback of the selected scanner.


Waveform Controls.png (image/png)