A couple of question about the choice of scanning hardware:

Is there an advantage of using for example the Sutter resonant scan box kit versus using the cambridge 6SC08KA012-02Y scanner?

Does the Cambridge solution require any custom built electronics?

Do both scanners work for MROI (Multiple Regions of Interest) scanning with SI2015?


The selection and purchase of Resonant and Galvo mirrors can be selected from Cambridge Technologies or Sutter as you propose.

  • Cambridge offers the individual mirrors and control board parts. You would need to set up the mirrors in your system and place the control board into a box or a chassis.
  • Vidrio packages one Cambridge Resonant mirror and two Cambridge Galvo mirrors into a compact scan head. This device allows to perform
    • Resonant Galvo Scanning
    • Resonant Galvo Galvo with multiple regions of interest
    • Galvo Galvo Raster scanning with multiple regions of interest
    • Galvo Galvo Arbitrary line scanning
    • Galvo Galvo targeted ablation / photostimulation
  • Sutter packages the Cambridge Resonant and Galvo mirrors into a single, nice secure unit which accommodates noise reduction, and places the control board into a control box.

There is not really any difference in performance between the two options.

For multi-ROI, you would need one Resonant mirror and two Galvo mirrors to work with scanimage.

Currently, Sutter does not package this setup. Sutter only packages a Resonant and one Galvo mirror. You would still need to route the beam from the Sutter unit to the second Galvo mirror.

In this case, you may consider purchasing the mirrors and control board separately, from Cambridge Technology.


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