ScanImage 2018 : ScanImage Premium Features

ScanImage Editions

ScanImage is available in two editions: a public and free to use version (ScanImage 5.2) and a premium, pay-for version (ScanImage 2016).

The differences between the versions is enumerated in the following chart.


ScanImage 5.2

ScanImage 2016

Resonant-Galvo frame scanning(tick)(tick)
Linear (Galvo-Galvo) frame scanning(tick)(tick)
Resonant scanning: Synchronization to laser clock(tick)(tick)
Stage control(tick)(tick)
Beam power control(tick)(tick)
Selective power delivery using power box feature(tick)(tick)
Stack acquisition using the stage(tick)(tick)
Stack acquisition using a fast-z focusing device (ETL, Piezo)(tick)(tick)
Cycle Mode(tick)(tick)
Scriptability in Matlab, extensibility via user functions(tick)(tick)
Source code access(tick)(tick)
Big Tiff File Creation(tick)(tick)
Machine Data File Configuration User Interface(tick)(tick)
FastZ-actuator tuning(tick)(tick)
Live histogram(tick)(tick)
Custom power depth adjustment profiles(tick)(tick)
Independent Z-control for multiple scanners(tick)(tick)
Arbitrary line scanning using two galvos (tick)

Multiple region of interest (mROI) scanning

Online analysis (ROI Integration) (tick)
Multiple scanner alignment (tick)
Alignment of scanners and stage (tick)
Simultaneous imaging and photo stimulation (tick)
Online Motion Correction (tick)
Support for 2P mesoscope (tick)
SLM support for targeted photostimulation (tick)



ScanImage Licensing

The license could not be verified: License Certificate has expired!

The license could not be verified: License Certificate has expired!