ScanImage 2018 : ScanImage 5 Info


Release Schedule

ScanImage 5 will be released in 2014. The next version, ScanImage 2015, will add new features to ScanImage 5.


SI 5

May 22 2014 (early)SFN 2014

Recapitulate ScanImage 4 (resonant scanning) features with
more flexible and powerful NI FPGA (FlexRIO) hardware.

SI 2015
(Galvo & Multi)

March 2015 (early)

SFN 2015New features beyond ScanImage 5, including galvo arb-scanning,
multi-scanner, and other features specified by ScanImage 5 members.

Early-access releases will be available exclusively to ScanImage 5 members.

ScanImage 5 will have  customization layers for both CPU and FPGA-based processing (latter for resonant scanned imaging only) which can be used to implement online or real-time analysis, including closed-loop experiments with parallel imaging and (photo)stimulus.   

(tick) ScanImage 2015 will support the same scanner/digitizer hardware as ScanImage 5

ScanImage 5 Scanner Hardware

ScanImage 5 requires a pair of scanners (one resonant and one galvo scanner) to achieve video-rate area scanning operation. 

ScanImage 5 users can choose either:

  • scanner system that combines a resonant scanner and galvo scanner

  • scanner components - one resonant scanner and one galvo scanner

ScanImage 5 Scanner Systems

Sutter Instrument systems:

ScanImage 5 Resonant Scanner Components

Cambridge Technology components

  • CRS 8Khz (part 6SC08KA012-02Y)
  • CRS 12Khz (part 6SC12KA012-02Y)
  • Classic CRS-8 scanner 

ScanImage 5 Galvo Scanner Components 

Any analog-driven galvo scanner component, including galvanometer-mounted mirror and servo driver circuit, can be used.

The following are typical choices from Cambridge Technology

(tick) Class 0 servo topology is recommended, but not required

ScanImage 5 DAQ Hardware

ScanImage 5 will use National Instruments PXI FlexRIO platform.

ScanImage 5 has required, user-selected, and user-optional DAQ components


Stay tuned for a National Instruments ScanImage 5 configuration tool

We anticipate this may include small discounts on hardware

User-Selected DAQ Components 

Digitizer Module

FPGA Module

For SI 5, there will be no difference in operation. 

Features in future versions (SI 2015 & beyond) may utilize the far
greater (~10x) image processing power of the PXIe-7975R, e.g. closed-loop experiments.

PXIe-7961 loaners


The PXIe-7975R option will be supported by ScanImage 5 by August 2014.

Vidrio has a small pool of PXIe-7961R loaners

Loaners are intended for users who purchase a PXIe-7975R
but need to start using ScanImage 5 sooner than August

User-Optional DAQ Components 

Users can add additional boards for control of Beams (Pockels) and Piezo features.
(tick) Beams control is recommended. Allows blanking laser during resonant scanner slowdown and galvo scanner flyback.
(tick) Piezo control is optional. Allows for volume imaging
For each optional feature desired, select one of the following X series DAQ boards:

(info) PCIe-6321 option is cheaper, but requires additional wiring and uses a computer PCIe slot


Computer Hardware

Example tested ScanImage 5 computer systems will be provided by the early-access release date.