ScanImage 2018 : Scan Control DAQ


The scan control DAQ has two main roles:

  1. Control the resonant/galvo scan head (X and Y).
  2. Route timing signals to/from the FlexRIO FPGA/Digitizer.



This board be installed in the same PXI chassis as the FlexRIO FPGA/Digitizer Module.

The Wiring Guide describes how to connect required input and output lines.


See Supported Microscope Hardware for a list of supported devices that can fill this role.

Machine Data File

The scan control DAQ board is identified in the ResScan section of the Machine Data File.

%% ResScanCtrl
scanCtrlDeviceName = 'PXIxSlotx'; % String: Identifies the NI-DAQ board to be used to control the resonant scanner box and galvo driver. The name of the DAQ-Device can be seen in NI MAX. e.g. 'Dev1' or 'PXI1Slot3'.