ScanImage 2018 : SLM using FastZ

ScanImage can use a Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) in the imaging path as a FastZ focusing device. For tight synchronization with the XY-scanner, the SLM must support triggering. To setup a SLM as FastZ focusing device, a SLM must be configured as a Scan2D system first. Once the Scan2D system is configured, configure the Scan2D system as a FastZ device in the Machine Data File:


%Scanner systems
scannerNames = {'ResScanner' 'SlmScanner'};
scannerTypes = {'Resonant' 'SLM'};


%% FastZ
%FastZ hardware used for fast axial motion, supporting fast stacks and/or volume imaging

actuators(1).controllerType = 'SLM';
actuators(1).daqDeviceName = 'SlmScanner';