ScanImage 2018 : Motion Display Window

This window is opened from the Main Window > View > Motion Correction

Enable Motion DetectionEnables/Disables the Motion Correction (the acquisition needs to be stopped for toggling this property)
History LengthSets the motion history length
Select EstimatorOpens file dialog to select motion estimator class
Select CorrectorOpens file dialog to select motion corrector class
Load from FileOpen Tiff file to set reference volume
Reprocess EstimatorsDeletes and recreates all estimator objects. This can be used to reprocess the reference volume after the motion estimator class was modified.

Enable All

Enable all motion estimators
Disable AllDisable all motion estimators
ClearClear all motion estimators
DeleteDelete the currently selected estimator
Enable Correction XYEnable lateral motion correction
Enable Correction ZEnable axial motion correction

Device XY

Device to be used for lateral motion correction
Device ZDevice to be used for axial motion correction
Device Bounds XYCorrection Bounds for lateral motion correction
Device Bounds ZCorrection Bounds for axial motion correction


Capture.PNG (image/png)