ScanImage 2018 : Generate ScanImage Report



The 'Generate ScanImage Report' utility is a report generator function for ScanImage 2015.


Directory Location:

<ScanImage Application Directory>/+scanimage/+util/



scanimage.util.generateSIReport(attemptSILaunch, filename)


Input/Output Parameters:

  • attemptSILaunch
    'attemptSLaunch' is a boolean value that indicates whether (true) or not (false) ScanImage should be launched if not already running.

  • filename
    'filename' is the fully qualified name of the zip file where the Report data is to be placed.


Details: The 'Generate ScanImage Report' utility launches ScanImage, if indicated and needed, and generates a set of files packaged together in a zip file, with the given filename.

Information included in the report:

    • <filename>.cfg
      ScanImage binary configuration file.

    • <filename>.user
      ScanImage binary user file.

    • <filename>
      Compressed file containing extensive NI information generated using the NI's reporting API.

    • <filename>_temp.mat
      A MATLAB file that can be used to browse through the report information in MATLAB.

    • Machine_Data_File.m
      Machine data file configured for the version of ScanImage running at the time the report is produced.

    • TiffHeader.txt
      Configuration and ScanImage settings data collected from the current running ScanImage instance at the time the report is generated. This is the information placed in a Tiff file when saving scanned images to a Tiff.

    • mSessionHistory.txt
      MATLAB session history.

    • mFullSession.txt
      MATLAB full session information.

  • NIMAX Information:
    • NI Installation Logs and Summary
    • NI MAX Logs
    • NI MAX Schema Log
    • NI MAX Reports
    • NI Services Status
    • NI Configuration Settings
    • VISA Configuration Settings