ScanImage 2018 : Generate ROI Data From Image



The 'Generate ROI Data From Image' utility is a MATLAB function that generates a roiDataSimple object from an image using a provided "default" RoiGroup.

If more than one image is supplied, It assumes those images are all consecutive slices in the same volume, and assigns the appropriate stack-Z values.


Directory Location:

<ScanImage Application Directory>/+scanimage/+util/



[roiData] = scanimage.util.genRoiDataFromImage(imgData, defaultRoiGroup)

[roiData roiGroup] = scanimage.util.genRoiDataFromImage(imgData, defaultRoiGroup)


Input/Output Parameters:

  • imgData
    'imgData' contains a 2-Dimensional array containing image data.

  • defaultRoiGroup
    'defaultRoiGroup' contains the desired roiGroup to use.

  • roiData
    'roiData' stores the  cell array of a single scanimage.mroi.RoiDataSimple object. The cell array contains the combined information from the image and the defaultRoiGroup.

  • roiGroup
    'roiGroup' stores the roiGroup used (see 'defaultRoiGroup' parameter above).


Details: TODO??