ScanImage 2018 : Bruker Microscope Wiring

Bruker Microscope Wiring

ScanImage supports communication with the Bruker Resonant Controller and the Bruker MAMC stage controller. ScanImage is an open-source software package for controlling laser scanning microscope with a comprehensive feature list. It is written in Matlab and is fully scriptable and customizeable by the user. Please contact for more information.



The following connections need to be made to connect a Bruker resonant scanning system to ScanImage:

Signal SourceSignal SinkDescription
Bruker Resonant Controller / RS-232SI Computer COM PortControls Resonant Scanner Amplitude
Bruker Resonant Controller / Sync (MMCX)SI Primary DAQ board / PFI0Resonant Scanner Sync Signal
SI Primary DAQ board / PFI11Bruker Resonant Controller / Trigger InStarts the generation of the resonant scanner sync signal
SI Primary DAQ board / AO0Bruker Galvo Controller / X InputX-Galvo Position Control
SI Primary DAQ board / AO1Bruker Galvo Controller / Y inputY-Galvo Position Control
Bruker Galvo Controller / X FeedbackSI Primary DAQ board / AI0X-Galvo Position Feedback
Bruker Galvo Controller / Y FeedbackSI Primary DAQ board / AI1Y-Galvo Position Feedback
disconnected / groundedBruker Galvo Controller / SwitchSwitches between X1/Y1 and X2/Y2 input
Wiring Diagram for ScanImage - Bruker integration

Software Configuration

  1. Start ScanImage and create a new Machine Data File. In the ScanImage Machine Configuration Editor, add an entry for a Resonant Scanner and a Linear Scanner. In the Addiontal Components and Plugins section, add an entry for 'Bruker Resonant Controller'.

    Wiring Diagram for ScanImage - Bruker integration
  2. Follow the steps outlined in Configuring ResScan (Resonant Scanning) and Configuring LinScan (Galvo Galvo scanning) to configure ScanImage.


    The resonant scanner amplitude is set through a serial connection, and does not require an analog output. Set the analog output to SI Primary DAQ board / AO0. This is just a placeholder value and is not going to be used.

  3. Configure the Bruker Resonant Control Plugin: enter the resonant scanner name from step 1 to link the plugin to the scanner. Specify the DAQ device and trigger terminal to send the start trigger to the Bruker Resonant Control Box.

    Wiring Diagram for ScanImage - Bruker integration


ScanImage currently does not support the configuration of the Bruker PMT Preamplifier. Use Prairie View to set appropriate Parameters. These settings persist when Prairie View is closed.
Note: for resonant scanning, filter settings of 15MHz or higher are appropriate. When using linear (galvo/galvo) scanning with ScanImage, these settings do not need to be changed, since ScanImage samples the PMT with high speed even in linear scanning mode.




Stage controller

In the Machine Configuration Editor, add an entry for the Bruker MAMC stage controller:

Wiring Diagram for ScanImage - Bruker integration


Pockels Control

Follow the instructions in Pockels Cell Concepts to set up the Pockels Cells.