Scanimage 2017 : Not Getting Square Images as Zoom In

We are not getting square images as we zoom in with our Bscope2.

We are using a Frankenstein ECU, because we're controlling the scanners directly via analog inputs. We're not using the serial connection.

It seems that the amplitude of the resonant X mirror is decreasing faster than the angle of the Y galvo. We made some measurements yesterday and saw the Y galvo halve in amplitude on each zoom step. So that was behaving normally.

Do you have a sample machine data file with the correct values for the scanners on a Bscope2?




Sample Machine Data File Scanner setup:


%Scanner systems
scannerNames = {'Res' 'Lin'};      % Cell array of string names for each scan path in the microscope
scannerTypes = {'Resonant' 'Linear'};        % Cell array indicating the type of scanner for each name. Current options: {'Resonant' 'Linear}

%Simulated mode
simulated = false;                  % Boolean for activating simulated mode. For normal operation, set to 'false'. For operation without NI hardware attached, set to 'true'.

%Optional components
components = {'dabs.thorlabs.BScope2'};                    % Cell array of optional components to load. Current options: {'ThorECU1' 'ThorBScope2'}

%Data file location
dataDir = '[MDF]\ConfigData';       % Directory to store persistent configuration and calibration data. '[MDF]' will be replaced by the MDF directory

objectiveResolution = 15;        % Resolution of the objective in microns/degree of scan angle



Unfortunately the resonant mirror's amplitude does not necessarily respond linearly to the amplitude command signal.

ScanImage has a built-in (though somewhat hidden) feature to compensate for this situation.

Please review the documentation page Calibration of the resonant scanner's amplitude at different zoom levels.