Scanimage 2017 : Motor (Stage Controller) Setup

Notes about integrating a stage controller into a ScanImage 2016 system:

If your experimental setup includes a stage controller, configure the Motors using the use the ScanImage Machine Configuration Editor, Motors section, to configure ScanImage to interface with the stage controller. The ScanImage Machine Configuration Editor can be accessed by selecting the Machine Configuration... option under the File menu within the Main Controls panel.

ScanImage can be configured to communicate with up to 3 stage controllers with flexible mapping from the ScanImage motor coordinate system to actual stage axes. ScanImage includes built-in support for the following stage controller systems:

VendorStage ControllersSI 5.2SI2016
SutterMP-285, MPC-200(tick)(tick)
TholabsMCM3000, MCM5000, Bergamo II Scope(tick)(tick)

Patchstar (2), Slice Scope

Physik InstrumenteE-665, E-709 (CHG), E-753, C-884, C-863(tick)(tick)
nPointLC.400 Series(tick)(tick)
GalilDMC 4040 (tick)
Luigs & NeumannSM5, SM7 (tick)
PriorProScan III (tick)

*Requires MATLAB Instrument Control Toolbox

ScanImage stage controller support can be further expanded through writing an interface using a supplied template and framework. Details on implementing a custom linear stage controller interface can be found on the DABS Subclassing LSC page.

To configure a stage controller, the controller type and serial COM port must be supplied at minimum.

Some motors require extra settling time end the end of a move operation to avoid jitter problems while acquiring data. If you experience issues with data collection after motor commands (ex: while collecting slices) try increasing the moveCompleteDelay value.