Scanimage 2017 : Configuring SlmScan (SLM Scanning)


To use the SlmScan Imaging System it must be defined as a Scanning System in the General ScanImage Settings section of the ScanImage Machine Configuration Editor.

The ScanImage Machine Configuration Editor can be accessed by selecting the Machine Configuration... option in the File Menu on the Main Controls panel.

SlmScan Acquisition System

Each Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) used with ScanImage needs to configured as a SlmScan Acquisition system. SlmScan allows to use the SLM as a raster scanner for imaging. This simplifies the alignment procedure of the SLM and the main imaging system (ResScan / LinScan).

ScanImage currently supports two types of SLMs:

Adapter nameDescription
meadowlark.ODPMeadowlark SLMs using an external controller box (PCIe-PCIe link)
genericSLM that is connected as a display (HDMI / DVI)

For information on how to setup the optical path, see the documentation page SLM Photostimulation.


Configuratio Editor for SlmScan

Property NameDescriptionRecommended Setting
SLM TypeThe type of SLM used in the microscope.

Meadowlark SLMs: meadowlark.ODP

Other SLMs: generic

Signal Acquisition DAQThe digitizer for acquiring PMT channels. The digitizer can be shared with ResScan or LinScan. 
Auxiliary Digital I/O DAQThe NI-DAQ board to import the SLM Update Trigger

Meadowlark SLMs: The Beams or FastZ DAQ board in the PXI chassis

Other SLMs: None

Beam DAQThe NI-DAQ controlling the Pockels-cell in the SLM's optical path 
Linear ScannerThe LinearScanner (galvo/galvo scanner) that is in series with the SLM on the optical path. 
Effective Focal Length

The effective focal length of the microsope in millimeter. 

Zero Order Beam Block RadiusThe diameter of the zero order beam block radius in percent of the SLM's field of view. 
SLM Update Trigger Input TerminalThe PFI terminal on the Auxiliary DAQ, to which the SLM Update Trigger is connected.

Meadowlark SLMs: PFI0

Other SLMs: None

SLM Update Trigger Signal Polarity Meadowlark SLMs: Falling



SLM Configuration Page

Meadowlark SLM Configuration


The Meadowlark SLM Controller features trigger inputs and outputs. The controller terminal 'Output B' is a trigger that indicates that a new phase mask was written to the SLM. This trigger can be imported in ScanImage to increase the frame rate during raster scanning. Connect the 'Output B' to the PFI terminal specified in the SlmScan configuration page (Auxiliary Digital I/O board / SLM Update Trigger Input Terminal).

Property NameDescriptionExample Value
pixelResolutionXYThe pixel resolution of the SLM[512,512]
pixelPitchXYThe pixel pitch of the SLM[15 15]

Currently ScanImage does not use the Overdrive feature of the Meadowlark SLMs.


Generic SLM Configuration

Property NameDescriptionExample Value
monitorIDThe monitor ID of the SLM (1 is the main monitor)2
pixelResolutionXYThe pixel resolution of the SLM[1920,1080]
pixelPitchXYThe pixel pitch of the SLM in microns[6.4 6.4]