ScanImage 2016 : Where Can a Detailed Metadata Specification be Found

Where can a detailed specification for the metadata format be found?


Currently, we are working on a detailed specification for the metadata format. Below are a few options you can use to view this information.

The metadata reflects information on all the options selected and otherwise available in ScanImage, for an image requisition.


  1. ScanImage ships with a metadata extraction tool called 'opentif' that can be accessed from the Matlab prompt within the scanimage folder: scanimage.util.opentif.
    There was an issue with this tool in an earlier release, so please update to the latest ScanImage 2015 version from the VIdrio website (March release).
    This tools displays in detail all header parameters. See the example below for usage.

    For example, type: '[header,Aout,imgInfo] = scanimage.util.opentif('c:\Temp\file_00002TEST.tif');', substituting your tif file name.
    The metadata is placed in the 'header' output variable. You can drill down into the details of the metadata by clicking on the header.scanimage variable, header.scanimage.SI, and so on, in your Matlab workspace.

    Other less extensive options are:

  2. The MatLab 'Tiff' command can be used: Tiff('c:\Temp\file_00002TEST.tif')

  3. The MatLab 'imgInfo' command can be used: 'infinfo' and open up the resultant variable in your workspace.

    For example, type 'info = imfinfo('c:\Temp\file_00002TEST.tif');', substituting your tif file, and open up the 'info' variable in your MatLab workspace.