ScanImage 2016 : PMT Controls

Sequence mode (left); on-demand mode (right)



The PMT CONTROLS panel is used for configuring and controlling PMT devices.


The PMT CONTROLS panel can be accessed by selecting View->PMT Controls from the MAIN CONTROLS interface.

Main Panel

Each PMT device (up to four) is represented as a column in the interface. For each device, the following parameters and controls are available. For more details about what the values do, consult documentation on the particular PMT you are using.

Power Supply GainPMT gain. Will be NaN if the PMT does not support this option
Signal OffsetSignal offset. Will be NaN if the PMT does not support this option
Filter BandwidthSignal bandwidth. Will be NaN if the PMT does not support this option
PowerState of PMT power command
Auto OnWhen selected, the corresponding PMT will automatically be turned on at the start of an acquisition and off at the end
StatusIndicates PMT status. Will be green if the PMT is on and red if the PMT is in a tripped state
ResetResets the trip status of the PMT


stimimmediately.png (image/png)
sync.png (image/png)
trig.png (image/png)
mode.png (image/png)
delete.png (image/png)
edit.png (image/png)
new.png (image/png)
copy.png (image/png)
down.png (image/png)
up.png (image/png)
groups.png (image/png)
Photostim_od.PNG (image/png)
Photostim_seq.PNG (image/png)
color.png (image/png)
alpha.png (image/png)
save.png (image/png)
load.png (image/png)
copychan.png (image/png)
resettransforms.png (image/png)
generatetransforms.png (image/png)
scaleoffset.png (image/png)
videocolor.png (image/png)
pausevideo.png (image/png)
sourcechan.png (image/png)
Show window.png (image/png)
Alignment.png (image/png)
image2014-6-3 20:1:1.png (image/png)
powercontrolsc02.png (image/png)
powercontrolsc01.png (image/png)
powercontrolsb01.png (image/png)
powercontrolsa06.png (image/png)
powercontrolsa05.png (image/png)
powercontrolsa04.png (image/png)
powercontrolsa03.png (image/png)
powercontrolsa02.png (image/png)
powercontrolsa01.png (image/png)
PowerControlsPulldown.png (image/png)
PowerControls.png (image/png)
image2016-6-16 12:56:33.png (image/png)
image2016-6-16 12:55:38.png (image/png)
status.png (image/png)
syncbutton.png (image/png)
trigbutton.png (image/png)
startabort.png (image/png)
monitor.png (image/png)
logging.png (image/png)
extselstims.png (image/png)
extselterms.png (image/png)
extseltrig.png (image/png)
ennablehotkeys.png (image/png)
allowmult.png (image/png)
numseq.png (image/png)
groupseq.png (image/png)
image2016-6-16 13:55:44.png (image/png)
image2016-6-16 13:58:22.png (image/png)