ScanImage 2016 : Manually Installing ScanImage

  1. Download ScanImage zip file.
  2. Create or Select a folder to install ScanImage software.


    C:\My Documents\Matlab\ScanImage.
    C:\Program Files\Vidrio\ScanImage.

    ScanImage requires write permissions to its installation folder. In Windows 7 and later, users do not have write permissions for the folder C:\Program Files by default. If this folder is chosen for the ScanImage installation, modify the Windows Folder Permissions of the ScanImage installation folder appropriately.

  3. Check the ScanImage install folder permissions and allow full control.
    1. From Windows explorer, right click on the folder and select 'properties'.
    2. In the Properties dialog box, uncheck 'Read Only', if checked and select 'Apply'.
    3. In the security tab click the edit button
    4. For the "Users" user, ensure "Full control" is selected and click OK
    5. Select OK.
  4. Extract the contents of the ScanImage ZIP file into your Scanimage folder.
  5. Launch the Matlab application.
  6. Add your ScanImage folder to the Matlab Path.
    1. In the Matlab application, click the 'Home' Tab.
    2. In the environment section, click on 'Set Path'.
    3. The Set Path dialog is displayed.
    4. In the Set Path dialog, select 'Add Folder...'.
    5. When prompted, locate and select your ScanImage folder. You should see your ScanImage folder at the top of the MatLab search path list.
    6. Ensure there are no other ScanImage installations on the path. If there are, select them and click "Remove"
    7. Press 'Save'.
    8. Press 'Close'.